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Right back where we began
So far away, it makes me want to stay at least for a while
But i've come so close
I chose responsibility, and soon it's catching up with me
What lies ahead?
The air we breathe and the skies we see aren't what they used to be
I dread the thought of taking less when i want more
I'll keep trying till i know what these dreams are for
The nights i sleep held deep within your warm embrace
We're ten feet down and making sounds still ringing in my ears
Some things mean everything to me.
Not really whre i want to be
Every night i used to sit alone
Always staring at the sky, dreaming of something more.
Now i wake, just to face another day
Now i've got you on my side
Never have i felt so much alive
Have i felt so much alive
I chose this life when i set out to make it mine
And all i have is time until i achieve
The life i lead i swear you wont believe
It's blessed with truth and honesty
These things mean everything to me

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