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Letra da Música Not Guilty de The Donnis Trio

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Don't believe anything they say to you
Don't believe any words they say are true
'cause all are lies, some day you're gonna go and see
'cause all are lies, some day you're gonna believe

All these things going round in you head today
It's no wonder you feel this way
All this confusion, bred by a great illusion
You see all these people got lots to say
With their secret agendas and debts to pay
In all of god's truth, I say this to you

How many years have we been in love together
Sunshine and stormy weather
And no one knows like you and me
Can't you see, can't you see
We got history and honesty
So when strangers sell their lines
Don't let them change your mind

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Número de Palavras 114
Número de Letras 662
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