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Gabey's comin', Gabey's comin' to town.
So what? Who cares?
Back on the ship it seemed such a snap;
You'd tap a girl on the shoulder,
She'd turn around,
And she'd say: "I love you."
But once on shore, it's not such a snap;
You get the cold shoulder,
The old run-around,
You're left with no one but you.
Gabey's comin', Gabey's comin' to town.

A town's a lonely town,
When you pass through
And there is no one waiting there for you,
Then it's a lonely town.
You wander up and down,
The crowds rush by,
A million faces pass before your eye,
Still it's a lonely town.

Unless there's love,
A love that's shining like a harbor light,
You're lost in the night;
Unless there's love,
The world's an empty place
And every town's a lonely town.

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Número de Letras 820
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