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Letra da Música Colossus de Omega Lithium

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You were given the chance
You were told to stop
You won't listen to reason
Now you're over the top
And going down

Your words can't touch me
Your words can't break me
You had this coming
For too long now

You feel like cheated
But you are defeated
And you can't admit it
You're gone too far
You even exist

The blood in your face
When you try to disgrace
My name and my honor
Gives you away

Get out of sight
And forget your own spite
And i will forget that
You even exist

You are losing this battle
Cower, swallow your pride
Quit and run while you still can
Or i'll show you the true meaning of pain

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Número de Palavras 96
Número de Letras 639
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