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1. Andromeda

She was created; By human hands; She was not one of us; Her body is like; A juvenile woman's; With gorgeous shapes but without a soul; We're dying, we’re crying; Just because she escaped; She awaked, ...

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2. Angel's Holocaust

I want to be your; Little one; I want to be felt so; Deep inside; I am your growing passion inside your mind; You will commit the angel's holocaust; I want you by my side; To feel you so deep inside; ...

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3. Colossus

You were given the chance; You were told to stop; You won't listen to reason; Now you're over the top; And going down; Your words can't touch me; Your words can't break me; You had this coming; For to...

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4. Dreams In Formaline

Created by hands; Emerged from their flesh; They forced the life into us; Giving us something surreal; But with the gift of life; Came the curse of emotions; Trapped inside mechanic shells; And sparke...

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5. Factor:misery

Memory is a knife; It cuts deep and painfully; Can you call this a life? I can't go on normally; Closing in to the face of time; Sentencing myself for the selfless crime; Again and again, asking mysel...

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6. Infest

It's hard to open the eyes; When the fear is waiting outside; Why do I see them? Like blurred shadows in frame; Creeping behind me; Stretching their hands; Watching me through the eyes of the stranger...

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7. Point Blank

In that second of dislocation; The world will reach it's end; People will thrive for explanation; But won't be able to understand; The place of no return; Coordinates of doom in time and space; The em...

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8. Snow Red

Howling of the wind; Carried cry through the forest; Banshee's warning sign; For bloodshed was committed; On the other side of the forest; The child was crying in silence; His tears turning to blood; ...

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9. Stigmata

Pressure that builds within; Longing for the touch; Lust beneath my skin; Burning overmuch; My body becomes so bleak; My mind begins to fade; But my soul begins to speak; And filled again; As my cold ...

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