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1. 6969

Part I: Prologue; [Narrator] Somewhere deep in the slow; eternal dance of the heavens drifts a planet; called simply "Earth"; And among the otherwise unremarkable population; of this planet are two in...

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2. Accept My Shaft

Hey, how you doin' (ooh); Thanks for coming to my studio apartment; Got some shit to say (that's right); The times we've had; The times we've missed; The times we've embraced; And the times we've kiss...

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3. Cookies!

Ninja Brian, I think I figured out; why our quest to be the world's most intense metal band; hasn't panned out yet. It's because people think we're soft! We have to write a truly satanic jam; Are you ...

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4. Cool Patrol

Yo Ninja Brian, you see that high schooler over there; getting pushed around? This looks like a job for the Cool Patrol! Hey Kid! (Yo!) You're getting picked on in school; The other boys! (Huh!) ! The...

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5. I Just Want To (Dance)

I am the toughest fucking ninja; That you've ever seen; I killed a king; And changed the course of european history; But that's all in the past; I am changing fast; I'm switching up my stance; 'cause ...

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6. If We Were Gay

You know, a lot of people come up; To us and say; Hey danny sexbang and ninja brian; You guys wear a lot of spandex; And live together; Are you gay? Pff, I have to laugh. ha ha ha ha ha! Could you ima...

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7. Manticore

Way back in olden ancient Greece; Lived a most ferocious beast; With eyes of flame and teeth of steel; On human flesh it feast; Standing over 10 feet tall; No man escaped its roar (Roar!); Behold, my ...

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8. No Reason Boner

There are three, three, three kinds of erections; Some are sexual; Some occur during periods of nervous tension; But there's a mysterious third kind; That no one really understands; It happens when yo...

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9. Nsp Theme Song

Running really fast; Jumping super high; Flipping over shit; Making stuff explode; Flipping over more shit; Fighting lots of guys; Writing kick-ass jams; Doing other things; Giving you the sauce; That...

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10. Objects Of Desire

Since I moved into your place; One year ago today; Our relationship has deepened; In a spiritual way; As time's swept gently forward; And winter's turned to spring; I know you so much better; 'cause I...

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11. Puppies In Space

Puppies in space; Puppies in space; Puppies in space; They can't survive

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12. Samurai Abstinence Patrol

In the tall skyscrapers of ancient japan; Lived two great warriors, a dude and a man; Who proclaimed no sex until you are married; They were arin neverbone and samurai barry; 500 Years later; Two hero...

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13. Sex Training

So you want to be a great lover; Ninja sex party will help you train; So much knowledge to discover; We'll shoot a hot load of wisdom all over your brain; Let's go! it's time for sex training; Put on ...

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14. Three Minutes of Ecstasy

You've been counting all the days off; Of your calendar for weeks now; You can't wait for Saturday cause; That's the night that it all goes down; From 7: 45 to 7: 48 Pm in particular; Cause that is wh...

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