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Letra da Música A Horizon For Judas de Iwatchedherdie

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Fear burn

Your embrace was my warmth
Dedication concealed
You tried to break me
We are shattered
Who deserves this thorn?
Loss of acceptance
Why did i turn my back?
Your actions speak clearly

There is your sunrise
The colors distort the sky

Focus on the misery
Boulders block the escape
Is it plain to see
Trust comes too easy?
Calling it a mistake
You say confusion
Rip out the wings
No one shall fly there

How am i suppose to kiss those lips?
Im through

Ive stumbled before
Listen to lies
What makes you different?
I stand away...
Its the realization
Of all your lies
That uncover the secrets
To your false pretenses

Dont cry to me with your fake excuses
Dont cry to me
Listen up...

There is your sunrise
I turn my check to your tainted lips
The color distorts the sky
Sweet sky

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Número de Palavras 112
Número de Letras 802
Intérprete Iwatchedherdie

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