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Letra da Música Such a Waste Of a Pretty Face de It Lives, It Breathes

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Perfect, this is perfect
I know what I want
What I found
Put my feet to the ground

Here we go again
I grind my teeth
Clench your wrists
We'll be the same
We'll be the same again
Just slide the deadbolt
And let me inside
Now let me inside
Let us settle this
Right now
Or I'm burning this house
I'm burning this house to the ground

You take the good out of saints
'Cause even they make mistakes
So stay away
Stay away from me

Believe in my words
I'll show you the way
Sick and tired of you and your threats
Just carry them out
Be my guest
Take a shovel and beat me to death
Turn it around and bury the rest

This isn't the first time
It won't be the last time. No
And we will figure this out
You will be mine
Oh you will be mine
We will never change
We'll always be the same
We'll take it day by day
But we're still the same

If you keep pushing me
Pushing me out that door I'll wait
But now its too late
You keep killing me
Killing me with those words you say
But now its too late

Choke on these words
You'll remember me
When you're alone
You'll remember me
Just know that
I showed you the way
You'll remember me
You'll remember me

If you were looking in from outside
I'd show you the way
Just take everything from me
Just take it all away from me

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