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Letra da Música Blackout de Insana Prometida

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There's no beggining
No end
It's a lonely lonely road

Monsters are happy
Monsters are friends
But they are monsters
Don't forget

They may love you
They may abuse you
Open your eyes
As long you kiss

They want something
You want something
You are the devil
And so am I

There'll be pain
Must go ahead
You fall and you learn
So don't regret

There is a light
There is a light
Trust in yourself to fell alive

Blackout shine, blackout shine
Blackout shine right now
Blackout, blackout, blackout shine!

Ficha Técnica da Música Blackout

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Número de Palavras 67
Número de Letras 549
Intérprete Insana Prometida

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