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1. Blackout

There's no beggining; No end; It's a lonely lonely road; Monsters are happy; Monsters are friends; But they are monsters; Don't forget; They may love you; They may abuse you; Open your eyes; As long y...

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2. Eat You Alive

Tell me your name; What do you wanna hide? Tell me yout secret; Trust me; My heart beats fast; Can I call you cocaine? I can't sleep; I bet you think of me; Can you feel? My dreams, nightmares; You an...

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3. Follow The Night

You can fly; Into the sky; Then it will; Eat you alive; You are free; You are not free; You can have your own rules; You can live by your own wishes; Unconstrained by them; Unconstrained by them; They...

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4. Idiots

Idiots; Idiots; Don't blame it on me; I know it's your fault; (hell, I know); Tried to kill my pride; But my soul is here; Ready for you; For your; For your shit; I know what's your game; Stupid, self...

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5. The Joke

Everyone knows; It's a big lie; Everyone knows; It is all right; Don't you know it's a plot to hide your eyes; Little lies growing bigger every time

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