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Streaming through the sound of what’s possible, for you for me for us right now
I can’t quite figure it out.
Today it seems like we got some trouble on our way.
But it’s not possible not possible to know, what’s gonna happen tonight.

Last thing I remember, was sitting at your couch, pointing my index finger.
And that’s where I think I lost my mind.
I guess i don’t even care, I’m probably better of this way.
Cuz I’m totally out of time.

So I’m gonna live today, today, today, today
It doesent matter who you are or where you want to be.
You just gotta live today, today, today, today

It makes no sense at all
To be judged by someone, que não tem a menor idéia do que realmente é viver.
Everything comes from the same thing, everyone’s made from the same thing.
This is a total waste of time.

And every day will never be the same, and every day I’m gonna make a change
Everyday, everyday.
I’m gonna live a brighter day, I’m gonna leave my troubles far away.
I’m gonna live I’m gonna live.

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