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Letra da Música Disoriented de Imperative Reaction

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why do you refuse to see
that you are everything to me
who gave you the right to decide
that i don't need you by my side
well i promise you i won't fall back

into the pain of yesterday another day i won't endure
into the forever of what you've done another time i will let go
please don't stand by and watch me do this
please don't let me leave all that we are
so disoriented

i can't go on without you
and i hope that you come through
'cause without you i am lost
and i know that i won't last
but i promise you i won't fall back


Ficha Técnica da Música Disoriented

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Número de Palavras 99
Número de Letras 552
Intérprete Imperative Reaction

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