Artista: IGNEA

Letra da Música Jahi de IGNEA


Blazing light gores possessions of ohrmazd
Nothing is more apart from the seen
All intentions and thoughts of the inner
Disappear faster than they're revealed

You're gravitating to the filth
And worshipping the daevas
Though you are in the boundless beams
I'll put my jahi shadow on you!

Where the darkness caresses the meadows
Only chosen can spin in the circuit
But the lightsome, they do have their shadows
No one's perfect, turns out, no one's perfect

Dark above the earth
Dark beneath the ground
All the unexplored
Genuine is dark

Darksome above the earth
Darksome under ground
All occult is powerful
Unknown is dark

Ficha Técnica da Música Jahi

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Número de Palavras 86
Número de Letras 634
Intérprete IGNEA

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