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1. Alexandria

I ruin you because I can; I feel my might and touch my strength; I'll breathe your ashes at the dawn; My slaves will burn; I ruin you because I can; You wreck and that has gorgeous smell; Your walls a...

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2. Al?a

Million days and nights before; When only tarpans ruled this world; Our nomad fathers took it in their hands; Warm from coddling sun by day; Cooled by sea breezing by nights; It is loved so hard that ...

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3. Halves Rupture

There is no glimpse of a previous sky; The burdens now are grey; A shade of prominence is further now; We are the demon's pray; Solstice hid above the clouds of mourn; Moon behind shines brighter; Tha...

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4. How I Hate The Night

Now the world has gone to bed; Darkness won't engulf my head; I can see by infrared; How I hate the night; Now I lay me down to sleep; Try to count electric sheep; Sweet dream wishes you can keep; How...

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5. Jahi

Blazing light gores possessions of ohrmazd; Nothing is more apart from the seen; All intentions and thoughts of the inner; Disappear faster than they're revealed; You're gravitating to the filth; And ...

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6. Last Chosen By You

Tried to live under the cloth like freak; And breathe the threads; Of costly silk and precious gems; My pale skin untouched by sunlight beams; Is weary of your hands; And your seraglio's lamps; I tear...

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7. Petrichor

Petrichor, the odor of gods; Mighty scent, which overlord lauds; When you come our lives begin again; Torn by thunder, you born in blessed rain; Strike me straight, I'm dignified now; To pronounce my ...

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8. Theatre Of Denial

I've never seen my dreams come true; But I believed in you though; All hopes I built you burned in ash; And now your idle flies to thrash; I'm not an iconoclast; It's just the end of my beliefs; And s...

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