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Letra da Música Winter Holokaust de Hypotermia

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Comes to take them away
Those feeble crawlers
Who know no torment
They won't see the sun
When the new morning comes
Winter to purify
This land with frozen sky
Futile is to run
When we freeze the sun
I walk the paths of frost
They remind me of my oath
That I would not be weak
Like the ones we don't need
Tell me
Why do you live your "life",
In a utopistic shadow
Why can't you see the light?
The darkness
Is made for those who believe
Not in the great eternity
But your own mighty entity
No fool should walk here
Cause this path is made for suffering
Coldest storm
Makes me feel warm
Like life death is a journey
Ending before beginning
winter holokaust
Will make you finally see
That nature knows its position
As a greatest God of all
No need to pity those
Who don't see that it's their fault
That what they love will die
Like should all mankind
When our life begins again
We will do the same mistakes
In a circle we always run
Cause that is humanity
Frozen like the coldest lake
That risk we must take
To resurrect this filthy world
Now when all our souls are sold

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Número de Palavras 167
Número de Letras 1061
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