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Lately I been sittin here just thinkin'
The life I lead has gotta be a drag
Punchin' all these buttons on computers
Windows 95 just ain't my bag
Gettin' up so early in the mornin'
One more pop tart's gonna make me gag
Getting home so late in the evenin'
Just to watch T.V. with the old nag
Friday comes and then it's time for freedom
Freedom just to mow and rake and weed 'em
I wish I had a son to cut the lawn
So I could watch the football game and yawn
Then I'd fire up the barbeque
And show 'em what suburban man can do
But hopefully some day I will reform
And a way gone cat will be reborn

Oh, I wanna be a rockabilly rebel
I wanna dance and drag and drop away the night
I'm gonna tell those fools that rockabilly rules
And if they don't like it then we'll have to fight
I'm gonna quit my job and join the rockabilly mob
Now that I have finally seen the light
Or maybe I'll find work as a rockin' soda jerk
Or maybe I'll go cruisin' on my bike


I'm gonna quit my job and join the rockabilly mob
And make a rockin' changeup in my life
I'm gonna get a guitar and a hot rod car
and maybe even get a brand new wife
I'll fill my hair with grease so I can lose the police
When they try and take my switchblade knife
I'm breakin' free and I'm bound to be
The coolest cat around since Barney Fife

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