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1. Cats Like Us

Some people try for a pie in the sky; Slavin' away just to have it; You could put all of their dreams at our feet; We wouldn't bother to grab it; They worry and slave, their hours are so long; We're s...

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2. Road Rage

It's a terrible drive when the clock strikes five; And I'm a comin' to a traffic jam ahead; Gettin' madder by the minute while I'm sittin' right in it; At a traffic light that's always turnin' red; We...

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3. Rockabilly Rebel

Lately I been sittin here just thinkin'; The life I lead has gotta be a drag; Punchin' all these buttons on computers; Windows 95 just ain't my bag; Gettin' up so early in the mornin'; One more pop ta...

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4. Train To Nowhere

All aboard, I heard the call; The next stretch, the longest haul; You know I must have been insane; To take a ride upon that train; It's pickin' up and goin' faster; To a crossing with disaster; And t...

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