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Letra da Música New Day de Herman Ress

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And so we are dying and we try to smile from our madness
Or then we’re smiling and Life sings a Symphony of Symbols
Cause the slaves are not so blind anymore
And the pain lives inside of hearts
We’re not crazy enough to be really happy
And our kids are prisoners of fear
When I’m down and I look to myself again
Then I dream about a rising of a new dawn, a New Day

I see we’re loosing
Where is the old way of life going to ?
During the night
I try to bring on the morning
But the days are not the same anymore
And the nights have become too bright
The ones of darkness try the light
That shines inside of life that yearns for peace
So just try to live and wake up, my dear
Cause tomorow no one knows
And whit all the human violence
Some will grow and learn to Love

And so we’re crying
Cause the freedom of the world disappeared
Just go a head
Looking for your heart in the Sun-Light-Stairs
If you feel yourself you`ll know who we are
And we both will be as One

We must Smile, we must Try
We must Love, we must Cry
We must Live, We must Be

When you feel you’re not the same
Don’t loose time and fly cause life is
Just what we don’t know.

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