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We must honor the fallen
those who have given up their lives
for tomorrow was their sacrifice
not an empty promise
but a vow to remember
all that has been destroyed
in the wake of tragedy

we walk
through the
corridor of the brilliant
to find out just where we went wrong
the days grow shorter
my moments here
slip faster every day
and yet

I still hold your memory
in the highest
I have opened up the gates of hell
to drown in the waves of nostalgia

I abandoned all hope upon arrival
and remembered what brought me here

we surmount our fears
to glorify our legacy

we stand in reverence of all lost souls
a martyr to a future never seen
we must honor this dying dream

I cannot recall what honesty your throat had ever spoken
may your lungs be broken

delve in to the darkness
summon all animosity
marveling at the loss
may this pattern of failure soon end

in reverence
I honor what is left of a dying dream
A fear darker than a world without sun
This pain envelops all rational thought
Acting on instinct, we return to our natural state

You cannot denounce
what is the greatest fight
this world has ever seen
Should this be the last time we will meet
I will hold this moment forever

All thats left
A memory of war
All is not forgotten
All is not forgiven

we are as one a failed humanity
a face of glass and angst
should this be the last time we will meet
I will hold this moment forever
all thats left
are memories of war
nothing is forgiven

*** By NiCk ***

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