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9:36 I feel as if its already over.
And soon this will all as dissolve.
come as it may for I don't know what to expect.
I've downed the three grams of MAO Inhibitor.
And my bowels have not loosened yet my heart beats with little remorse.
If I drop dead...
I fear what my hands do not
And this pen writes so well
will this be infinity or infinitely insane
Now it's 10:36.
The shot tasted of unripened grapes
taking the moisture out of my mouth
i am nervous awaiting so great a departure
Will I bring about eternal nightmare
I can feel it coming on as all is stirring
and now it's starting...
I definitely should not walk. My legs would not forgive me.
Everyone's gone. Shit by myself. I'll just lie here unsure in the fetus position...
I am gonna die alone so why am I unfearing as I am not in my body
time and space are meaningless and vision is lost within subconsciousness
there are spirits taking mine
cleansing in a coma I am gone.......trapped
but then I see the light in that which makes us dream
no longer bound to flesh. this is happiness. I am supreme.
as fast as the lights come on, I'm back on the floor.
this is my comedown. I am reborn I am renewed.
if ever given the chance, I would not have returned.
I've split open my mind and delved in the freedom of life.
and now it's 4:08, and now I know what matters
nothing and happiness....

*** By NiCk ***

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