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Letra da Música Winged Skull de Hatemagick

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This world for the taking
This prey for the draining
Feed me to heal me
Feed me to become

Face the undead lord

Bow to the winged skull
Bow before me
Tonight has come
Give me your blood

Riding the dragon
Far across the sky
I ride towards the moon
Extending the astral
Prepare for contact

Winged skull
Fly so high
Fly across the sky


Burning for the black lights
I'll take you whole

How do you like my dream
Going against my will

Sons of the winged skull
Gather for ritual union
Fire from the void
Elemental aeon
Becoming through the black light
We are the future
This is the time
Now is the will
Give it now
Give it slow
Give it now

Ficha Técnica da Música Winged Skull

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Número de Palavras 94
Número de Letras 729
Intérprete Hatemagick

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