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Letra da Música Rotten Flesh de Hamok

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I’m rided by the hate
I devour all my fallawen
My hands I bleed digging
And my body still has force to slain
Pieces by pieces of my food
The demons torment me
I’m a carniçal

I’m the son of the darkness
The vulture of the hell
your nightmare
is my reality
“I break the bones
take off your eyes
I make rituals
I devour souls
And I pray for all”

Flesh bodies only have
Taste when they suffer on my hands
My pleasure is female bodies
With face of angels
Where I can feel the cold pussy
While I penetrate trought their viscera

Each grave that find I bring a little of their remains with me
Each bone that throw to the dogs is a puzzle that is being disassembled
my life is to walk on the shadows from one side to the other
and to live until the end of my days as a decompositor worm

Ficha Técnica da Música Rotten Flesh

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Número de Palavras 133
Número de Letras 772
Intérprete Hamok

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