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Father used to play the piano
Down in the dining room
But the autumn came
He was taken away
By the cruel doom

Gone to war
Home under threat
Far away
Gone he had

Mom weeps at night
Treats me right
Telling nothing about the dad
Once we were knocked
At the door
We got a letter – father was dead

It took away all we had
Cruel World War the Second
War of the Black and the Red
Cruel World War the Second

Mama, stop scaring me
Mom, cut it out
The way she behaves is not good
I’m so afraid
Mom, what’s happening to you
Insanity bout
World War the Second took her sanity

No, we must live
No, we must live

It means that now she’s a widow
I feel so scared
She grabs me and runs to the window
It is so weird
Does she want to kill both of us now
I don’t believe
We must overcome this pain somehow
But we must live

Now it is all so clear to me
And I don't blame her any longer
I know you can't think, you can't see
When your insanity grows stronger

Now what have you done
You’ve killed your own son
She must be insane
For father’s been slain

Once again he plays the piano
Down in the ground floor
And we stand by him
What a lovely sound
It lasts forevermore

What a tragedy
What a misery

Repeat chorus

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Número de Palavras 195
Número de Letras 1266
Intérprete Hammerforce

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