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1. Breakaway

lack ghosts of trees rushing by; I'm free again, I can fly; Run away; (Don't linger any longer); From decay; (Your fear is growing stronger); Resurrection; Struggling tension; Dark temptation; Cold an...

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2. Dice

The mirror calls me, the bell tolls; The wheel of life – it rolls; This magic door to worlds of war; That’s what I’m looking for; It’s my turn now; Where we delve today; We’re not ourselves; In these ...

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3. Fall Of Monsegur

Freedom fed to flames; Killed by the church’s slaves; Fetch ‘em all; Kill ‘em all; Burn ‘em all; Field of the burnt; Blood, fire and dirt; Dreadful alert; Murderers led by the church; Smoke to the sky...

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4. Fury Of The Nordmen

Under the bloodred sky; Our banners fly; And the waves raise us high; So high; Five days ago; We left our sweet home; Cold salty wind; It will help us win; Fire in our chests; We come from North-West;...

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5. Malleus Maleficarum

Times of witch-hunt; Cruel and harsh; Instead of Garden of Eden; The dead marsh; Fanatics, lunatics; Chorus:; Freedom call, take your toll; Call us all, call us all; Silent pray leads away; Not astray...

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6. Mass Media

My time hasn't come; It (has) just begun; I don't wanna bow; That's all what I know; Wish I can find you; One step from behind you; But there's just one thing; You are mass media; Mindless and thus me...

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7. Piano

Father used to play the piano; Down in the dining room; But the autumn came; He was taken away; By the cruel doom; Gone to war; Home under threat; Far away; Gone he had; Mom weeps at night; Treats me ...

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8. Pink-minded World

When you are lost in darkness; Your god sleeps; When you refuse to follow him; Your god weeps; No one can understand; What you stand for; Suffocation is the thing you can't avoid; When you face pink-m...

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9. Quest To The Lonely Mountain

They came and broke my old life; Now I’m with them on a quest; Dangerous and mournful path; Don’t know when I’ll take a rest; Lonely it stands; Mountain – our goal; Dragon in it; The greedy soul; Chor...

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10. We Are The World Pollution

Away from me, I tell you; Take off these wraps of lies; In ruins of your ambition; Our raped homeplanet lies; We are the nature’s rubbish; We are the parasites; There are too many of us; But you’re st...

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