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1. After Twilight

Where death once reigned; And fires were burning the soil; We built the reality; The world of old morality; Keeping the ancient wisdom; Preparing the force to win; To return what belongs us; To bring ...

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2. At The Dark Of The Labyrinth

With every death of day; When sun closes by misty clouds; When frozen winds whistle in my ears; Shadows rises above the ground; Covered by eternal winter snow; Reflected in the dark of the moon; Greed...

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3. De Sanguis Dom Deus

It's time for dark; Now has come like fever; The shining of black mark; Shall provide the darkness forever; Bewithched worlds stay; The christianty pray; To their unexistent God; Praise hail the death...

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4. Dethrone The Master, Eternally

Term is blood stained, Thy hands are washed by lies; Diligence are bleeding, Thy times dies; Your love is destroyed now, By ignorance end of thine; Your fields are blood-soakedand soon death to your k...

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5. Dreams Of Nothingness

Like the autumn song of winds; Like a deadly beauty and melancholy; Into the eyes of exiled one, It's not a sin; I hear the call of great winter's queen; In every dream I felt her cold near and near; ...

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6. Firebirds

Obliteration; Death from above seek destinationon earth; From galaxy beyond; They ride on the black wings of hate; World is worthDeath and beyond; Cometh fly through the eternity to crush the world; S...

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7. Notified By Glory

When the six-winged seraph came to you; And he said what you are chosen one; Marked one, perfection; Fulfillment of humans and symbol of imitation; Bearer of God's mark the Son; The human without defe...

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8. The Pathway

Again I though about existence; Sailing trough the endless night; But now I was embraced in darkness; I was lying in mortal fright+; Antichrist is thy name+; I hear the summoning voices; Calling of sh...

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9. Thy Winter Throne

Embraced in eternal frost; Mighty mountains of coldness; Calls thee to endless journey; Summoned by winter's breathe; These frosty fields of snow; And seas of frozen waters; Eternal life in the lifele...

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