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When the six-winged seraph came to you
And he said what you are chosen one
Marked one, perfection
Fulfillment of humans and symbol of imitation
Bearer of God's mark the Son
The human without defection
You were drowned in happiness and light
The God!! of thine remember thee
He is real and pure!
Nadirof your pleasure were thy your selfness
Blacken essence falls down
About immortality you were sure

Bearer of stigma!
Immortal one
Imaginary demi-god
Soon immortality shall gone
Your life is lies
From heaven your are
Came from the skies
From far far
But it's was thy dream
And thou shall die soon
As neither man haven't seen

Notified by Blind Glory
In thy dreams did you see
How I've shown thee a sign of death
How thy spirit is bleeding for me
Thy imagination is broad less

You are messiah from another realm
But it's shall disappear soon you don't believe?
It shall be soon wait and see my dear...
It's only all from thy imagination, about changes
Did you remember poetry and humiliation?
Of thy consequence
Hell were nothing and there were no servants
Blinded by success you were raised
By thy preaching and science
You were drowned in happiness and light
You thought what you are the he
The marked one
You are so glad and so pure you bear the light
But Iscariot knew thy purpose
And thy power shall gone

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Número de Palavras 195
Número de Letras 1285
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