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A realm there is, inaccessible to the Nobles
Outside the feelings of the blind Atlantians
Inaccessible, yet real
Imperceptibly find its way to the Land of- Conquerors

The hidden realm is a fusty land
Zog is its hideous master
He rests at the riches once stolen
From the Noble Warriors and their People

Zog is one but composed of vermin
Only vermin dwells in his estate
But he rules also those creatures
To which his name is unknown

Many heads of saurian drip venom of blindness
And opium of masses
He wields the drug of illusions and colourful- pictures
Thus the world denied his existence

But lo! Not every Atlantians stays sleeping
Some still serving the hidden betrayer
Eagerly they prepare the drug
'Cause they strive for saurian's good graces

But lo! The Nobles stay up
There are Hammers at their necks
They fight the betrayer's priests
They struggle to awake their brothers from slumber

For their fight against the rule of the saurian -
Hail to Them! And Glory till Death

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Número de Letras 945
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