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1. Amber

Glorious land of plentitude; Its people of multitude; Fields and the mighty rivers; Were the cornerstone of the Nation; Impossible woods watched the ends; Sheltered people and their secrets; Unending ...

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2. Dago

Begotten in rape; Blood of the giants runs in his veins; Mother gave way to him on this world; The outset of new splendid legend; The fairest hair around his face; Beautiful, healthy, strong body; Sur...

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3. Fantasy?

A realm there is, inaccessible to the Nobles; Outside the feelings of the blind Atlantians; Inaccessible, yet real; Imperceptibly find its way to the Land of- Conquerors; The hidden realm is a fusty l...

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4. Kalos Kai Agathos

You come to this world; With the mission to fulfill; Causative Power of Cosmos; Manifest itself in You; You are Human God, Divine Human; Your genes are the ground; Progress and will are the corn; Work...

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5. O Wzgardzicielach Cia³a

Cz³ek ockniêty i uœwiadomiony rzecze:; Cia³em jestem na wskroœ i niczem ponadto; Zaœ dusza jest tylko s³owem na coœ do - cia³a nale¿¹cego; Cia³o jest wielkim rozumem; Mnogoœci¹ o jednej treœci; Jest w...

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6. One Idea At The Break Of New Dawn

Not a dogma, but knowledge and feeling; Mark the road to Perfection; So, go and tread this path to glory; Two ideas - and yet one; Two names - yet of one thing; This is the way to Unity; This is the w...

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7. Universe Is A Unity

Multitude of aspects of every being; Of carnal or of transcendental; Multiplicity of prisms is attributed to everything; But the Universe is a Unity; Ages ago the Noble men; Lived in harmony with Natu...

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