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Letra da Música Daydreamer de David Cassidy

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I remember April
When the sun was in the sky
And love was burning in your eyes
Nothing in the world could bother me
Cause I was living in a world of ecstasy
But now you´re gone

I´m just a daydreamer
Walking in the rain
Chasing after rainbows
I may never find again
Life is much too beautiful
To live it all alone
Oh how much I need someone
To call my very own

Now the summer´s over
And I find myself alone
With only memories of you
I was so in love that I couldn´t see
Cause I was living in a world that was make-believe
But now you´re gone

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Número de Palavras 92
Número de Letras 539
Intérprete David Cassidy

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