Artista: Casey Stratton

Letra da Música Past The Rain de Casey Stratton

< Casey Stratton

You would walk on fire if you could
Your desire can rival mine
Against the grain we slide
Desert winds have shown the secret side
I devour the knowledge I
Have gained from your demise

Past the rain I will walk into light
I once thought we'd heal in time
Waves crash down on our souls as I
Relive the past and say goodbye

Once upon a time I saw us try
But we slammed into the wall everytime
No use pretending there's a sky
We are trapped inside a world where
Nothing can be justified

Funny how we try again
Funny how the light has gone
Still I feel such hope inside
While you are putting me down
I will find my way out

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Número de Palavras 106
Número de Letras 591
Intérprete Casey Stratton

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