Artista: Casey Stratton

Letra da Música Ocean/a Promise Made de Casey Stratton

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It's such a long long way down from here
Push me up against the wall like your religion
Still we're close enough to ending up alone
With our safety net beneath these bitter words
No sense in reaching up for what we heard

Strong s you are you cannot hold back your sight
Your silence means much more than all
Of your movements
Softly whispering my name without a window
Laugh again and breathe me far away
You were safer when I knew you as today

Crash into the ocean
I know your devotion
Crash into the ocean
And wait for the night

I could have guessed that you were wishing
For a way out
You can't seem to fall apart without an Earthquake
Take my hand and I will show you how to break me
Open up your eyes and see the glare
She is shinning down with roses in her hair

Light me up like a devil, a monster
Lying in the grass beyond the line
Light me up like the china white powder
Falling from the sea into the sky
Light me up like s dimestore angel
Mary mother holding onto sight
Light me up I can hear your moonlight

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Número de Palavras 176
Número de Letras 964
Intérprete Casey Stratton

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