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Letra da Música Rebirth de Carrier Flux

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Step aside and turn around
We forget the crooked past
Gather up the guilt within
And pour out this my everything

A new seed we've now found
The time has wasted it away
Look beside and all around
For they are everywhere

No souls but still I've hope
We stand cloaked in our pain

This the dance of silent lives
And rising on our blackened will
We are handling life to her
This hope will never leave alive

Rule of blood and old!
Forgive the rule and blood of old
For law and ethic were yet untold
Rule will form as conflict grows
And men will drive the courses of hate as force untolds

Clinging on the Faith and Dirge
We Fold unto the longest road
As sure as stone and black as coal
We drive the blind in darkness bold

Behind the Drained and bloody smile
A man whose view is now on trial
Will the blackened force of men or the dream-
Pump this heart again

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Número de Letras 826
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