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1. Above The Crippled Earth

Forget the shell, liberate the will; Let the body fold, and die with their own; And I have no eyes, no soul left to hide; We drop the vice, embrace lightless rise; Come inside, those of the same mind;...

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2. Alone In Waste

what's trust in a (self)-driven world? what's worth when a skewed view is all I've held; anchored here I plea for embrace; alone I'm here, with none to give me my place; they've said once and time aga...

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3. Am I One Am I

for I feel, as fallen pain; scold myself with useless blame; drag the blade across my lips; purge the lie, release my fist; as far as I as one have come; as for my lies, I burn in each and every one; ...

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4. False Projection

what crime is worth the signature - right; what lie is worth the sacrifice; of knowing you are true to yourself; of holding in a truce this our time in life; I stand before the shell of memory; To for...

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5. Ghost In The Machine

Although I don't hold true the force; A Broken core may never mend; But Seen have we - that light may end; And dreams are always washed away; Escape the pain - for another day; Inside this way - and f...

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6. Lustmord

dancing wish and melting kiss; I wrap my fleshless arms around her; Come - the thaw, come within; Come, my love - and melt around me. ; She buried me I dropped my wish; And now as love's true ghost li...

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7. Martyrs

look at me, I am the crippled now; could you ever hold me again? Did you ever look and see what I was; Ever was I known when I was true? And if this is all I am; Then peace becomes my rotten soul; The...

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8. Rebirth

Step aside and turn around; We forget the crooked past; Gather up the guilt within; And pour out this my everything; A new seed we've now found; The time has wasted it away; Look beside and all around...

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9. The Enemy Within

Sky turned black and burning fast; Clouds drowned out with blood; Engulfed, enraged, in pain; We join hands join scars with earth; Skipped the flesh and drowned with death; entombed by the cancer we c...

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