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Did you hear me
Come down from that mountain today
Did you hear me
When I had nothing to say to you
I think you asked about the weather
So now, I'll go no place with you
So now, will you go no place with me too
We'll go no place together
I'd like to sit
On this old chair outside with you
Carved out of wood
We'll pretend it was made just for me and you
We'll sing our gospel together

We'll sing
Oh amen
We'll sing
Oh, amen.

What's real in this life
Is what I wanna know
What's real
In all the noise and the lights
Of this one man show
So disconnected
They say that three's a charm
But I don't know
Two's done so much harm
In this great big world
We'll sing our gospel together

We'll sing
Oh amen
We'll sing
Oh amen

So why won't you
Walk to the mountains with me
Why won't you
See things the way that I see
Why won't you
Share this here gospel with me

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Número de Palavras 141
Número de Letras 928
Intérprete Carrie Elkin

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