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Letra da Música Who Is Charge? de Caah Barreto

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Who's in charge?
Who's in charge?
Who's in charge?
Who's in charge?

Who's in charge
move us?
Who's in charge
who sent
be so stupid?
Who's in charge

Who says we do not have value?
Who said we are not strong enough to win?
I say we are very valuable
like diamonds, you can see!
Are perfect for all angles
Beautifully powerful to win!

Who sent
do not believe us?
Who sent
judge us?
who sent
say that we were not able?
We beat you, and now, what say?

Let's say that you now need help
because all the other forces are against you ...
Come to us asking for help
But now we say we do not gather with animals!

Remember? You said it!
He said this when asked for help!
Everything was on fire
but you did not give a damn

was so cruel?
Who sent
be so cruel?
Who would
that one day this would happen?
They need help but do not help you!

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