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Every moment I could spend with you
Every minute seems the last
I don't know if I could buy your time
Just don't ask me why I try, and I try and I try...

Take me everywhere
You want but I dont' know
If I could be like you
Take another song
And tell me if I can play
Like the other guys do..

Take everything
And let me know if I'm a good
To play
Please let me know
If I'm the king of rock 'n' roll

Yeah Yeah
I am

Please look at my face
There's a scar for every day
I don't gave my best
So are you like me
Or are you like everyone
They can't follow us

Don't say you're not about to say you are the only one
We don't care, we can live without you, we don't need you

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Número de Palavras 122
Número de Letras 711
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