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1. American Made

Time crashes by, I only search to destroy to define me, It's just a matter of time, until we; Follow like blind sheep, its not a question of who's right, thats just what defines me, as me... I am amer...

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2. Believer

She waits by my side, Her smell reminds me of a time, I tried to stay, i tried to run, I keep falling again, I'm in love, And nothing completes me like you do. Like you do... All I wanted was everythi...

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3. Bombs On Broadway

The name really fits, cause you are still the same. I'm sick and tired of all these games... You just talk shit, and i'm not the same, I left that behind, so just shut your mouth... You'll never chang...

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4. Chasing The Dragon

We all just fade away, this jungle is too much, but we fight through every waking day, through the pain, through the strain, shadow box to the main stage, we're the main event, we are all dead, have w...

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5. Feasting On The Blind

Open your eyes, just want to cut them out, so you just can't see anymore, you want the hurting to stop, you want the voices to stop, then beg for this and fall to your knees. Tear them out, feasting o...

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6. Lament

This is our last night, Blow out the candles and end it with me, I want to feel you in the fire, Burning beside me... All those dreams still remain, Causing me to forfeit what I once was, The constant...

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7. The Last Moon

Day falls, I'm comatose, crippled and mangled, I see comfort, the horizon, it sweeps through me like candy, soothes me, it moves me, when i have nothing, no one to depend on, the clock ticks and tocks...

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8. The New Light

This is a war, forget what you came here for, and save yourself, you have no one to depend on... Please let the sun go down once more, the gentle breeze, the falling leaves, while they bomb our houses...

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9. The Plastic People

I cripple the cage, The structure starts collapsing, The suit's taylor made. It's the only one that fits me, did i make the grade? i feel the pressure that my bed is already made. So i guess I'll lie ...

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10. Wave

Zyon - Wake; ; Tell me how long I've been waiting for; a wake-up call late in the evening; Tell me where I've been so many times; Close to the distance here in my sleeping room ? ? I'm freezing ? here...

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