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1. Comedy Horn

choking my lips i won't take the change too hard, if you want we'll end it all with a phone call... dreading every last fight, you speed off, move on...it's a worn out war, sound the comedy horn. i st...

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2. Hilarious Proof

Taste leaves, lay low. but it's the dirt you want, a grinning Mouth of mud; Spectators come, the profane will watch, And in a claque for show, put me in the show; If i hope we're done, then can i get ...

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3. Kodiak

their hands fill with coins, they run to make it cash, and leave the town, but the buildings form, they're so large, you must get on out. before there was crime, we could lie, now we haul xxx off the ...

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4. Listening Pills

isn't it something imagining the old things we revived, the lazy fun, retrained, unaltered in a way it was never gone, with my last dollar i'll eat right, in the company of the kindest people alive, t...

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5. Movie Home

even still you're livin at your father's...walk alone in the afterworld. you can't help going where the truth is, repeat your lines, keep runnin' over them. in the maze, i'm in a rut. we both care, we...

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6. The Gambler

it is like before, i think i like them both, i should close my eyes, become the racing horse, sing to pay window in an awful line, so easy now, i have won, go easy now, we're with everyone, gamble wit...

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7. Typhoon Of 92

belong in doubt, stand over the house, row way out, move in the ship i'm on, i'm gonna run one down, in individual pieces, that rarely get better, the end has stung. would i lie, should i love it, you...

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8. Understanding Fire

until i've been in a hole for a long time or along the waves moving seas in a chase, before the evening closes in the hole, it's a still shadow, or maybe just a punch in the face, when retold, you can...

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9. Zeroth

With a busted bleedin' eye, You'd still go on and shake their hands goodbye, As i run down and watch all their fists collide; And you can meet me out on your drive, Easy now, you've been terrified, St...

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