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1. Air Raid

Wake up, get clear; It's time to get from here; Grab your brother and your sis; Leave everything behind; To the shelter we must fly; The bombs are closing in; Don't look up, just get out; There's noth...

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2. Backstreet Crawler

I sight my victim and I take my aim; No chance now for you to get away; I'm selling truth disguised by lies; Don't look for answers in my empty eyes; Oh would you please take a walk with me; Don't loo...

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3. Bounty Land

Listen up and listen well; To a story I must tell; Of ages long ago; A legacy you must know; Where you live, love, run and play; Men were broken and blown away; In foreign places and distant lands; Wh...

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4. Darkness On The Ice

Heading to the highway; To make my getaway; Nightmares all around me; No place safe to stay; Don't know where they come from; Or what on earth they need; Only out for vengeance; And on the weak they f...

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5. Executioner

Out of my window I see; The light shines down on me; There is no hope for escape; I've been dealt my final fate; Now I've made my choice; The chance to hear my voice; My neck will feel no rope; To the...

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6. Guillotine

Light the torches and let it begin; In this battle only good can win; State your name and shout it loud; Your words will have you kneeling on the ground; And the last thing that you will see; Is the n...

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7. Heavy Lover

Limbered and loose; I'm on the juice; Ready to set the night on fire; Jacked to the nines; Feeling so fine; Burning to feed my desire; Hot nights, spot lights; As now it's all about me; See you, watch...

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8. In The Cellar

Let me tell you how it all went down my friend; Where pieces start to chip and crumble in; Hearts are broken and pride comes out; No one's sure we'll make it out now; So down, down, down we go; In the...

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9. Out Of Time

Planet awakens; Night is full; Out for blood; Is nothing new; Outlawed being; On hunger's trail; Searching nightly; Without fail; Eyes are open wide; Living in fright; Wasted days, sleepless nights; L...

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10. Return to Yagi

The sun beats down from the sky today; On my back and I know my way; No my son, I must ride alone; To claim my crown and take my throne; Knowing all; Fearing none; To the gates my ride has begun; Retu...

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11. Ride Ride

Lipstick and lightning; Standing there; By the record machine; So enticing; Know what I mean; Can't control it; Her jacks are pointed at the sky; I need you baby; But I've got to say goodbye; Ride rid...

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12. Show To Mercy

On this night as the rain did fall; My heart grew heavy as I heard the call; To the frontlines, they summoned me; To the frontlines, to the frontlines; The water burns as it strikes my black steed; My...

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13. Skullsplitter

In the land of ancient times; Where blood was hunger and the strong survived; I was ruler of all you see; On the battlefield I knew no fear; My dirk, ma dagger and my heavy spear; Crushing those who s...

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