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1. Africa

"No one should question the faith of others; for no human being can judge the ways of god."; "United we stand, divided we fall."; Here life was born ,here story was begun; And always in di memory ,yu´...

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2. Ain't Have Answer

I was sleeping anxiously thinking in the traps that life would put on me; And i was questioning myself every instant that would be what life could bring to me; Doubts monopolize every space of my mind...

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3. Green, Yellow And Red

A future marked in our spirit, and at the end of the road a light that shows us and teaches the only truth, lands of brotherhood, glorious lands, blessed place, place of long ago, I begin of everythin...

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4. Ithiopian Child

Have you ever thought about your past; I wonder if you´ll know who is your ancestor; I wanted to understand every fact and every history; Remind what put you in this land; Ithiopia was born in the daw...

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5. Jah Rastafari

Oh jah listen to me, bless, protect and sanctify me; Strengthen me with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding; Oh you most high eternal father, My force and my redeemer; Allowed that the words that...

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6. King Selassie

King Selassie I; Power of the holy trinity; Oh Lord; King Rastafari; Conqueror of Judah; Yeah man; Is H.I.M Selassie I; His imperial majesty; Liberate our lives; Of a criminal whip; He gave his life f...

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7. Nothing To Lose

Perhaps your destiny are to forget this love; you does nt have left but then close your eyes; get in a state of peace and conection with your own; there is nothing no to lose; You will be able to find...

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8. Rasta

There comes a time, when we hear a certain call; When di world must come together as one; There are people dying; And it's time to lend a hand to life; Di greatest gift of all; We can't go on pretendi...

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9. Sistren

Now you’s my boy and all, But we need to talk; Stop by the store bring ya ball, Let’s hit the park, I wanna rap for a minute, But don’t take it hard, 'Cause, I’m hoping afterwards; You’ll still be my ...

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10. Wolf

Mek i tell yuh somtin battie ,cause i feel so sturdy; And i don´t think twice to remember that you´re wrong; Mek i tell yuh somtin baby ,cause i never feel so lonely; And if you knows what is good for...

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