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Letra da Música A Little More Love de Zukor

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Boy, we've only known each other a short time
But I'm sure you know I'm happy that you're mine
I want you to be with me for all time

Boy, yes I know you want to have me as your lover
And if I hold out no doubt that you feel
Maybe you should seek the arms of another
Don't say good-bye, give it one more try with...

A little more love
A lot more kissin'
A little romance
That's what my heart's been missin'
A little more time
And you'll discover
With a little more love
We can be a whole lot more than lovers

Boy, you know that you're the only one for me
If you'll be patient baby then you'll see
No other one will love you quite like me

Boy, yes I know you feel that we should come together
And we should hold tight all night
Don't you know
Makin' love to you would make me feel much better
But I want it to be done right with...


Please just look past today and think about tomorrow
You're body with mine, so fine
Don't you see
If we just wait we can avoid a lot of sorrow
If you just give me a little more time and...


counter melody If you wait for me
I'll be there for you
Baby can't you see
Say it's not too late
I'll be worth the wait
Darlin' stay with me

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Número de Palavras 209
Número de Letras 1241
Intérprete Zukor

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