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1. Adromeda

You paint your body beautiful; All the colours of the sky; Blinded by bubblegum; I never asked you why; If this is heaven we'll be alright; If this is hell it?s way past midnight; It's a mistake now A...

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2. Bellybutton Queen

It's not like I love the way you stare; Fortunatly love don't hide no secrets there; I wanna be every raindrop tasted by you; She's a cloudy case of deja vu; Last chance to ride this train; What's so ...

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3. Blue

My bubble burst; I'm awake for hours; You drag me back to sleep; I wanna swim in your bathtub today; But your water is much too deep; Hang on and slide down the drain; Blue over you; Blue over you; I ...

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4. Clouds

A boy and a girl; Bottled up imagination; Have a vision on me; Crave another wave; Sparkle and behave so well; Afraid of mixing; Oxygen with rhyme; It gets me every time; Please don't lose your mind; ...

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5. Heavy

Every day in my get up I get down; Her butterflies always screaming too loud; Dig me yes and don't you cry; Never kiss a rubber soul good-bye; So heavy sometimes; You crush me like a cannonball; Heavy...

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6. Jealousy

She goes to pieces; When he's away; Daydream and celebrate; Why is she jealous of the sun; All covered up in glitter; In your world of make-believe; Delicious double-dare me Jealousy; She chews him up...

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7. Make It 'til Monday

Just wanna get lost between; The cracks in the bedroom floor; If only I could only find the time; To kill I'd shoot it full of holes; Thread me through a needle; Tie my loose ends into knots; Instead ...

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8. Over Exposure

Dial tone power lines and time zones; Are you receiving me?ne stone’s throw; n another light it seems like suicide; No one learns; Afraid of the light; Sky write the alibi is air tight; hosting the nd...

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9. Radiate

I'm a slave you your dirty word; Yeah have you heard; Radiate all together; On the inside you let it shine; You radiate then disappear; Your bombs keep blowing up; My scenery; You show up and leave; M...

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10. Shampoo

Lather burns my eyes, This liquid soap surprise. It's sort of like the feeling, Of going through the ceiling. ; Shampoo; Shower power, peace and love; You sting me while I'm singing; pull the plug; Ha...

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11. Twice As Hard

If I was broken down; Would you fix me up; If you saw me shaking like a leaf; Would you pick me; All out of the reasons why; It's always twice as hard to wave good-bye; Twice as hard to; Try and catch...

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12. Valentine

All alone a sugar deserted highway; The moon was full and baby my tank was empty; Got the fever bad and can't break from the spell; The story is sad but you know the ending is happy; Won't you be; Be ...

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13. Venus

She was kissing the concrete; He was smelling the static; How typically dramatic; So much alike in every way; It was all terribly romantic; They came from opposite planets; Attracted like magnets; To ...

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