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1. Imaginary Friend Vol.1

They say that you are killing me; but I know what I want to do; Is dreaming about you. ; Pretending that you love me; Jumping over clouds; Sharing candys; Eating blue icecream; I say that you are kill...

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2. Just For A While

when everything is grey; and all that you can feel is; just the sad taste of the sorrow; i know that is easy to say but neither all jelly beans are blue uuuuu... ; you say that you haven´t ground; and...

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3. Purple Shoes

i can´t scream more; you can hear me; pick me up at six; the stars are shining and the night is bright; everybody is so shy; i´m just looking for my purple shoes; look around; you can see; two of me; ...

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4. Without Snow, Without Love

Here comes the winter; Without snow and without love; Is time to take out the sun that sleeps inside of me; If i don´t have your hand; I will make a coffee just for me; And when a leaf falls down i wi...

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