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1. Bring Your Love to Me

1) Had a dream of you the other night; Of your vibe the way you smile; More of a feeling than a memory; A groove of love just me and you; ; 2) I think of having you next to me; A soft caress your warm...

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2. Floating Away

1) I'm looking for something; Maybe for the answers for all the changes in my life; Searching for a feeling; And im trying to ride out the storms of my life; ; Chorus -; Love and soul, floating away; ...

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3. Groovin' With You

1) Life can take us down some hard roads and we know not where to turn; Then we realize that we're all alone just the sound of one voice in the night; Its a way of keeping things real, real life, a wa...

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4. Help Me Cause I'm Falling

1) What would you say if I called your name; Sailing in space spinning in clouds far above the ground; Searching the sky it's a mystery; Passing through colors, colors and light; And the world it welc...

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5. I Like the Feeling

1) I get butterflies thinking bout your smile as it surrounds me; And when you go away hours of my day go so slowly; Hoping that you'll call for no reason at all just to hear your voice; When you say ...

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6. Keep on Movin'

1) Long life, keep on movin; Feels right, keep on movin; Hang five, keep on movin; Do it right, keep on movin; ; You gonna be down down down; ; Chorus -; I see sunshine and blue skies; Rainy days and ...

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7. Move

1) Move, and you will find; Your blood flows, as thick as mine; Its so sad, the way we do the things we do; Makes me mad, knowin the things I done to you; ; 2) Time and temptation, can really run you ...

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8. Pink Flamingos

1) So what if my house has wheels; Theres nothing that I have you'd want to steal; I hear my ex's voice in my kids dirty little mouth; If it wasnt for welfare id never go out to see my; Chorus -; Pink...

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9. Planet of Love

1) This world is getting cold; Got to find another place where love reigns supreme; Its dark here in the 3rd dimension; See the lights are flickering as hate destroys the world; ; dont be afraid of th...

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10. Schmuck

1) You've got some nerve to tell me to go; Life's not that simple, you cant make it so; Should we talk about right and wrong; Or why we can't seem to get along; ; 2) Life with you felt so alone; Someh...

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11. Song 34


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12. South of Eden

1) Nowhere to go on this hot afternoon turn on the fan lay down in my room; I cant believe in this town i'm still here; no lover in sight, the mirage disapppears; Turn down the misic turn down the bed...

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13. Speed Queen

1) I like green grass and I like pontiacs; I like cheap clothes and boys that'll never know; When the wind blows, I smell El Porto; So I keep cigarettes, down in my panty hose; ; and I roll like thund...

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14. Sunrise on the Road

1) Sunrise on the road i'm feeling high today; Will you ride with me into the night; If I didnt know where I was going to; Would you say that it could be alright; ; 2) We broke down and ended up in Ne...

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15. Trippin'

1) When im in my bed; Lonliness can turn to sorrow; The window pulls my sight; To the sky and see tomorrow, all the stars are spinning in my head; ; 2) Saturn seems so far; Surfing on the planet mars;...

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16. Whatcha Doin'

Chorus -; Hey whatcha doin; Hey whatcha doin; ; 1) I see you walkin' every night; And though you treat me like a stranger; Come on come on come on won't you tell me; They don't even know the reason th...

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17. Where Were You

1) Johnny was a man from a good town south of omaha; He lived his dreams and raised a family; But he could not see the way you see, all the people and the freaks; Were on the empty pages in his mind; ...

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