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1. A Distant Star Fades

Wade to me; Chasing those rising suns; That burned you lightly; On those wings and arms; Still voiding memories of hollow times; When stunning sensors led me seeing blind; Still heart sinks low; When ...

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2. Kill And Crush

Burn in a cloud; Burning in the sky; All melting eyes still seek the fire; No melting eyes have found the flame; Hover and shine on days; High above holy lights; Seep slowly dead weight; Singing a pra...

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3. Levitate

The corpse has risen; Hope is given; His arms are longing; Wrapped around me; We fall together; back to insects; They crawl inside us; Decay and become one; We grow into new forms; Emerge in the sunli...

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4. Peripheral Lows

In a field of hollow bones; White and blind; Deadly when she left the ground; White and blind; Soaring on those shattered wings; Bleeding down on everyone

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5. Silver Ghost

She can sense a lonely soul; Wander through her atmosphere; Haley's hair is choking throats; The silver ghost is starved of breath; She is hiding in her smoke; Weaving color strands of light; With no ...

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6. Soon To Follow

You stare for too long; Eyes filled with lust; So soon to follow; When shadows pass; Skulls deep in new graves; pretending dead; You're soon to follow; Black shadows last; Heads like our will roll; in...

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7. The Blessing

She comes in waves. When we crash, we break; Head floats away and swells; Just like an ocean; Are we hollow? Gone when winds blow; If it dies alone, can I call it my own? Soaked to the bone, My heaven...

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8. The Vast Expanse

Life here is air; Still far too cold to breathe; Helpless being; Swimming so endlessly; Dreaming of suns; Melting this mile of ice; What was once ours; In arctic and darker nights; Now is frozen still...

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