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1. Behind The Sunset

Why i lost, my only way to die and suffer; In the sphere of lie, there's no hope and time; Prefer close my soul before to fight with images in the land; Creating the war of a world where i don't belon...

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2. Falling Together

Leaving behind this nether world you and me will left to die; Amongst wind and fire will arrive to the flames of our creation; Time has come and your last desire will be fall with me; There's so many ...

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3. Hermetic Poetry

Your world is not for me, creates illusion in my time; I found the other side that never more to shine; Injected silence to my days; Explored afraid the word insane; Dusk wiil turn yuor prayers; Enter...

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4. Seed Of Nothingness

Sowing empty phrases on the air will shine with me, like shields against swords, I see you in my dreams living my reality; (In your fantasy); The fields of thought it becomes in a servant of the moon,...

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