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1. Another Time

Another Time; The streets found me wandering; Crossing the town; Full of lovers in the mideve; Bright neon lights cascading down; Arcs of rainbows cross the pavement; There he stood; That weird old ma...

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2. Desert Of Deception

Looking down an empty street; The ground feels like fire burning my feet; I can’t help it, I feel afraid; Am I reaching the border; I gotta make my way; I only try to stay alive; In this desert of des...

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3. Electizm

Electizm; got me dazed and confused; made me a hard loving man; stealing flowers in the rain; trying to do the best I can; to this living loving maid; who leaves me rat bat bat bat blue; I'm a loving ...

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4. Street Heat Zoser

Street Heat Zoser; Ooh just fell out of bed; Yes I was drunk last night; My brain is gone, am I wearing my shades; Can’t see out of my eyes; God only knows what’s going on; Going on inside my head; I ...

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5. The Crimson Moon

The Crimson Moon; My moon is crimson; My ocean is black; Ain’t life a gas; Got my religion; My leather is strapped; Wanna shake my thang; I need to feel raw red & real; I can’t bite it back; Show me s...

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6. Wasteland

Wasteland; Driving down the highway; In my gas-costing limousine; I’m driving down the highway; Oh I try to feel so free; The rain is corroding, my fender is broken; My windshield’s all covered with d...

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