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1. Astral-Theological Literary Hybrid

Succumb to me under lure of the moon; Shrouded in dreaded sorrows untrue; Dance with me in this garden of grief; Where dreams come to die; Cursed by death, prisoner in chains; Shackled in darkness I s...

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2. Biology Of The Gods

Hailing from out the black, from a void immeasurably vast; Like a fire in the sky to mankind's wicked eyes; Ensnaring their worlds in confusion, hysteria and fear en mass; Many a realm and race laid w...

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3. The Pass Of Torech Ungol

Into the darkness below the seas of despair; Lurks an evil fathomed by only a nightmare; Awaken the fallen one; A horror that plagues my past; Chanting forgotten hymns; Lingering beyond the veil; Of v...

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4. Through Hyperion Wastelands

The hunt of eternal hunger begins with a glowing orb; Born before the shadows and time itself; Wretched in my ethereal lair; Broken by a foul odor lingering in the air; Secreting bile injections into ...

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5. Under a Moonlit Amour

From the Heavens I have descended; From the wreckage I've come to emerge; I see before me the beasts of the universe; With me I bear the biology of the Gods; To transform this pathetic imperfection in...

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6. Wraetlic Is Þaes Wealstan

The conflagration; Bidden forth from a dying sun; A brilliantly wreathed flame sweeping the heavens; An empyrean holocaust; How our glorious pillars will fall; With a rousing call to arms; The progeny...

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