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1. Burning Ice

Angel, no holy wings of white can bear our lies; the flames of hell will kiss you if you try; A rising black is coming after you. ; And the cross you kiss will melt like; burning ice; no forgiveness, ...

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2. Cross Of Greed

If you’re reaching for the treasure; And you think you’ve found the golden key; If it fills your dreams with pleasure; If it makes you fly and takes you higher; In a distant far horizon; Where the sun...

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3. Dragon Chaser

On a cold and snowy mountain; High above the sea and water; Stood a castle with seven towers; Ruled by wizardry evil power. ; Oh so lonely in the tower; Caught for twenty years; Go call the dragon cha...

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4. Snake Eyes

Is this the final hour; I feel the chill of death; the wolf is in the tower; l'm ready to confess. ; Black and white; this time he's pointing straight at me; cuts and bites; i can see the flames right...

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5. The Eye Of The Beast

When you’re chasing stars above you; Through the dark the light will lead you; Follow; All ain’t what it seems before you. ; Shine on holy star of the east; The riddle and the answer; Holy star the ey...

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6. Throne Of Thor

Dark sky’s falling in the north; Over cold and barren land; Through the dark on wheels of gold; Kneel before the iron hand. ; God of thunder; Swing your hammer; Strike will all your force; Feel the po...

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7. Valley Of The Witch

Evil’s dancing on the mist; In the valley of the witch; As the winds of magic leads you through the dark; As the castle and the cross; From the tower on the rock; In the cold wind you can heart the de...

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