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1. Damned Soul

Rit; Sinkin’ in the dark, Drowning by the pitch, No relief that calms my pain. ; Eyes’re going to waste; They repel the light; Can’t restrain my gaze again; Neverended grief; For this loneliness; I re...

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2. Flare Of Gun

Many people always die, No one of them really lives; Inhale all the single days and hold one’s breath before exhale; Every second of your time; If neglected should be blight;; Clutch your sand-glass b...

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3. Light Speed Running

Cleanin’ the dirty floor; From blood I leaved before; Kneel onto filthy ground; Won’t hear this painful sound; Eternal mutation from life to death; Morality violator controls my hands; Nameless feelin...

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4. Prayer For The Silent

Prayer for the Silent; ; Slave, arms in chains. Blades on veins; Slowly run to pierce the heart; Useless brains; Keep on graves; Warped truth will stole your worth; Tongue of snake, Money rake; Evil b...

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